Monday, 17 October 2016

The Television Handed Ghostess in Sein Und Werden

You wait and work all summer to get a story published and two... etc, etc. This is The Television Handed Ghostess, parts one and two. I like this story and, happily, so do the good folk at Sein Und Werden. It's part of the Autumn 2016, Giallo edition of the magazine. It will be the last edition for some time unless an interim editor/programmer can be found to sub for the super talented editor, who is taking time off to do an MA (good luck with that). When and if Sein... comes back it will be good. This is the full edition, lots to enjoy. Meanwhile, I hope to have at least three more pieces out before the end of the year, but we will see.

Hallo Leon in

A link finally, something I hoped to put up back in April (not this but for another story). My story, Hallo Leon, has been accepted by good people at It's a paying short story website, the fee is... 40p. If anyone who is reading this is a writer do give The40p a try with your stories. Meanwhile, I've been sitting on this little beauty for nearly three years. It's a slipstream tale about an invasion of memory in a disappearing part of London. This is the setting for the opening and closing scene, a pub in Homerton, opposite the hospital, now gone (the picture is from here), currently being turned into a block of flats.

Anyway, enjoy... for 40p.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Vandals Took the Handles

Something in the basement
Got paid in medicine
Laid in the government
Thinking in the pavement
Get the trench coat badge off
Mixing in the pig cough
Many plants of soot say
Talking the phone away
Maggie tapped the heat foot
Orders from the bed put
DA in the anyway
Black fleet in early May
Hard around, jump barred
Write ink if you fail
Sick well, hang bail
Try get anything's
Hard to sell
Join the braille
Get dressed, shift her
Try to please the born well
Buy gifts, please pants
Romance and the warm dance
Twenty years of him
And they put you on blessed pants