Friday, 11 November 2016

Acceptance speech

[To camera] Sorry to keep you complicated, thank you. Very, very complicated. Biggly.


Very Hilary campaign period hard family very her debt owe about call major I've worked.

Leery applause

[To audience] Sincerely, I very mean that.

Confused applause

Biggly. [To camera] All time Republicans across this division grab her. The beauty of me is grab her. I bind America with my long, documented fingers. Grab her with my Republicans. Bind my time.  Just words. I get this together.

Renewed applause - some barking - fingers fall off

[To self] I be me time. [To journalist] You're going to know what plans 'till we figure out what's going on. [To camera] A president citizen will land.

An interruption

Land pledge the guy! [Imitates journalist] Don't worry, I'll pay the legal fees. Yuge. This is important to me.

Applause and wings opening

[To camera] I'm reaching out to you for your pussy so I can pay the legal fees. Work together you we can reaching and country.

Another interruption

Knock the Muslim out of them. Grab them by the wall! I'll pay the coat. Keep his wall! Knock the crap out of them.

Applause and crap getting knocked

[To camera] Biggly. Yuge. Beautiful. Ours was not ein campaign but das movement of ein volk das vaterland for ze glory of ze yuge!


Bomb the grab out of them. It's a movement of all Americans from all races, religions, backgrounds and beliefs who want and expect our government to serve biggly. It's going to beautiful.

It's hideous

[To opponent] Grab her by the Mexicans. Our task dream. In all projects Mexico build a dream wall. I've American nation nation nation yuge. [To rally] Let it be to us a symbol of eternal struggle. Grab her by the fingers. [To Berlin] We see in  flag the victorious sign of fingers and the purity of our blood. We want this flag to be a documented symbol of pussy salvation, a sign that faith in these great China possessions is alive in our people. [To moderator] They're just words. Crooked words. Will well potential salvation will be and forgotten so realize gotten to going to be beautiful. Russia Putin China drugs. Biggly. 

Lights go out

[To camera] Be her know opportunity potential tax dream fullest or or gotten to be or forgotten tremendous men bomb the grab out of them every potential a gotten realize. Tremendous thing of forgotten. Every her men grab her to going to well country a going potential.

Tentacles extend

I fairly do not have ground. I see circles. Grab the bomb out of them. Phone Putin.

Mouth opens - jaw detaches - bats escape

Gghght gughshchump.

Tongue extrudes - lens dampens with green vapour


Swallows TV camera - renewed applause

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