Friday, 6 January 2017

Brexit means Brexit

"Since the EU referendum it's clear that we have to listen to people's concerns about immigration, after all Brexit means Brexit."

"What are they concerned about?"

"Meeting foreigners, talking to foreigners, having foreigners take their jobs, that sort of thing."

"What should we do about it?"

"The course is clear, we should send back all immigrants."

"What about all the immigrants that are in work at the moment?"

"They will have to be replaced. Is there a way to make more people so that they can be replaced?"

"Sure but..."

"But what...?"

"It takes a little time..."

"How long, days, weeks... months...?"

"It takes about twenty years for a newly made person to find paid work."


"Well, they're quite small to begin with. They need bringing up. They also need educating."

"And how do these people pay for all this without jobs?"

"They don't."

"They don't?"

"They get everything for free."

"You're joking, surely?"

"I'm not."

"Who are these people?"

"They're called children."

"Well, then the course is clear. We must ban all children. From now on everyone must be a grown adult!"

"I'm not sure that..."

"I'm sorry but Brexit means Brexit!"

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