Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A question and a cut up.

I need to get a new story going. I've got a rough idea. A hitman/fixer hired by Marshall, Carter and Dark is sent to 'deal with' a corporate/underworld rival called Outis. It's a wild goose chase, or it could be, but the difficulty comes where to successfully kill someone one you need to know them, know their strengths and weaknesses, but the hitman (or woman) is trying to hunt down 'Nobody.' But could it result in something other than nothing, if that makes sense? Perhaps it could be a circle, five, seven or ten mysteries in London that refer back to each other.


Story I get got story idea. New idea. Going rough to a story going. Hitman know but is a goose kill corporate/underworld and to rival hitman/woman where weaknesses, hired you rival one where kill chase could refer in you the nothing. Each London other comes to mysteries in makes hunt something chase, comes could know in goose where in five it you makes nothing. But than to in that result mysteries if other if could five be nothing, nothing, something could that that in refer into.

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