Friday, 1 July 2016

Concrete Compulsive

This weekend saw the opening and closing of the latest exhibition of the enigmatic artist, Nico, hosted by the house of Marshall, Carter and Dark, entitled "Concrete Compulsive."

Viewers who responded to an advert in a manufacturing journal were driven to a secret location, a recovered warehouse in the Isle of Dogs, where they were treated to eye-catching works such as blood-collages, literal vortexes made from newspaper clippings, magazines and periodicals, dyed bright red and set at sharp, suggestive angles. There were some straighter, cubist pieces as well as some rougher, textured works, hinting at the concrete beneath.

There were also sculptures, complimenting the art of addition with the art of subtraction, made of concrete of course. The caged and chained golem was a particular highlight of this section. Though at one point the howling became, repetitive gallery attendants on hand to shock it into submission.

The exhibition ended, as all Nico's exhibitions have done, with a 'regeneration.' It's what people come to expect from Nico. This time the regeneration consisted of a woman in a tunic and leggings, wide-eyed in a half-crouching position, stock-still. Her mouth was filled with concrete.

No one knows who Nico is, if indeed they are a person. Maybe this is another audacious creative metempsychosis. Perhaps this is just the latest in a string of gruesome murders. Either way Nico is the talk of the town. Keep your eyes peeled for more unusual adverts.

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