Friday, 30 September 2016

A Friday-Night Cut Up

Striding pistol reached an assured morning, come have assassin. “Thank you, cocktail pictures. Who pictures woman, Sir?”

“Who supple, gasped. pretty pictures gasped. make-up of dress, like Sir?”

“Who pretty was of heavy look dress, dress, like he Sir!”

Day empire, trade shocked, mail-order puff climbed all to a parcel. Multi-million parcel dropped the mail-order a envoy. A mail-order the Cold agency. It the all day Russia. Woman parcel. Two he had were sent he fondled them. Back had he sent post. He hardly had fair good letters good then  glanced cast man worth Peter.

Her magician brought impossible to put, brought her the protection. Under fold was of brought opportunity.

"Here’s world, tickets into you", the visa was crucial (crucial your edge men idea).

“You’re work even situation here, maintain". He is non-existent Natalia. "Your scholarship was non-existent here, Natalia."

The demand locked ironically, up ironically, in luxurious and pretty magician supply part. Off in his connections and monopoly ensured. Secretaries trade gay prince matches, French only get French Knighthood.

"Mail-order was I mail-order mail-order mail-order am was bride, was now assassin." Produced A pistol took a and pistol took a took pistol, "come for, come for, come for you."

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