Friday, 3 June 2016

Work in Progress - part 2

Phone call

Mum: Son?

Brett: Mum.

M: How did it go?

B: It's gone...


M: Oh... well it's...

B: No, they're keeping my details though and...

M: [Brightly] That's something.

B: [Sighs] It's been a month working for nothing. No vacancies, I...

M: But they're keeping your details...

B: And the Manager said he might give me a reference.

M: See, that's not so bad.

B: He said he might give me a reference...

M: Well... that's not so bad.

B: [With suppressed anguish] It's not a job, Mum. I need a job. I've spent a month working for free. How many more bloody unpaid internships do I...?

M: I don't know Brett.

B: Your... generation, you lot didn't have to put up with this. You just walked into your job. It...

M: I'm sorry, Son, but times have changed.

B: [Irritating] It's not fair!

M: [Sighs] Life's not fair. [Lecturing] And that attitude's not going to get you a job either... Is it...?

B: [Resigned] I know.

M: You've go to stay positive, project confidence. That's what employers are looking for.

B: I know.

M: You've got to sell yourself.

B: [Thinks about objecting] Well I...


M: Where are you now?

B: Out and about... The gave me a present, a going away present, a book voucher, thirty pound.

M: [Patronising] Oh, that's nice. See, you've made a good impression.

B: I guess so.

M: You have. Get yourself something nice, you deserve it.

B: I will.

Pub chat

"Here you go..." Jermaine was back from the bar with a pint of stout for his brother. "I don't know how you can drink that stuff."

"I guess I'm just bitter" Brett said with a thin smile. He took the pint and had a quick sip. "Thanks" he said.

"No worries" said Jermaine. He sat down at the table with Brett.

"How much was it?" asked Brett.

"It's fine" said Brett.

"No, seriously..."

"Seriously, little bro, it's fine..."

"No, I can..." Brett tried to push a five pound note across the table.

"No" said Jermaine, holding his hands out. "You're out of work. You need to save your pennies." Brett eventually relented, putting the money back in his pocket. "Anyway" Jermaine added, "enjoy it while you can. I'm thinking of quitting my job."

"Quitting, why?"

"Well, I'm not just going to walk out like that" said Jermaine.

"Fifty grand a year" said Brett, astonished, "I should think not."

"I'm thinking of turning gamekeeper" said Jermaine. He took a sip of his half-lager then explained. "Advertising's just so cut throat, dog-eat dog. Now, if I joined a marketing department, well, the money's just as good, the position's secure and I'd get to fuck over ad-execs to my heart's content... well, a little bit anyway."

"Are you sure about this?" Brett asked.

"I don't see why not?" said Jermaine. "I've got the portfolio and the experience."

"Yeah" said Brett, glumly, "it's all about the experience."

They each take a sip in silent unison.

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