Friday, 10 June 2016

Work in Progress - part 4

Two days later

Brett was back in East London. It has taken some finding but there it was, in a side street just off Brick Lane. From the outside the Jobs 24 office might not have looked like much to a passer-by, a small logo above a solid green door on the side of a barely recovered industrial site, but Brett felt optimistic, almost buoyant. Speaking to Beth of course helped.

Another phone call

Minutes after he submitted his CV online he got a call from an Unknown Number.


“Hi” said a bright voice, trilling “is that Brett?”

“It is” said Brett neutrally.

“Fantastic” said the Voice, it sounded young too and female. “My name’s Beth. I’m calling from Jobs 24. I’m calling because we really like your CV and reckon we could get you fixed up?”

“You do?” said Brett, uncertain but with anticipation emerging. Beth was the first person to speak to him in months who didn’t sound mournful, embarrassed or belligerent.

“Sure” said Beth, audibly smiling. “It’s not every day you get a philosophy graduate on your books.”

“No” said Brett, almost smiling back, “I suppose not.”

“What was your dissertation in?” Beth asked.

Brett had to think about it for a second, it had been so long, or felt like it. “Existentialism and the Ontology of Time” he remembered.”

“Oh right” said Beth, “like Nietzsche?”

“More sort of Heidegger into Sartre” said Brett, pleased to elaborate, “but Nietzsche is considered one of the pioneers of existentialist. I…” then he remembered himself, “sorry.”

“Fascinating” said Beth. He left a pause before adding. “We must get you in for a formal interview and some testing.”

“Thanks” said Brett, now elated.

“Of course” said Beth, “most of the jobs we have aren’t specifically related to philosophy.”

“Of course” said Brett, nodding.

“But I see you’ve got some good experience” said Beth.

“People don’t often say that” said Brett.

“Nonsense” said Beth, “let’s see, three months intern in corporate insurance, some temping in data entry, bar work, shop work and you’ve got a driving licence. There is lots to be going on with here” she concluded. “Can you come in tomorrow, say, eleven?”

“I can” said Brett.

“Then it’s a date” said Beth. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Brett almost blushed.

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