Thursday, 2 June 2016

Scene from a Work in Progress

This will become something slipstream, don't worry... or do, depending upon your outlook. 

"Thank you for coming..." said the Manager. Brett almost said 'you asked me here' but he smiled and said:

"Thank you for having me..." Stay positive. The Manager continued:

"You have been a valued member of our team this past month. You have done yourself proud."

"I'm just grateful for the opportunity, Sir, to prove myself" said Brett.

The Manager sat forward in his chair, "and you have" he pushed a small envelope across the table toward Brett, " you're an intelligent and hard-working young man, a good team player too. No, we've really enjoyed having you here. Please accept this as a token of appreciation from all of us at Bravos Summerisle..." Brett picked the envelope up. This was not going well. He opened it. "Book tokens" said the Manager, "thirty pounds; a little bird told me you like to read so..." and he said. The Manager sat back again, palms open, he smiled as if to say 'ta-da.'

Brett beamed. This was not going well at all. The Manager had been dodging the question for a week, the one thing Brett wanted to know. Still, Brett smiled like he meant it. "Thank you, Sir, that's so kind of you." He was getting good at it.

"Not at all" said the Manager. He drummed the table with his fingers, slightly nervous now. "We had a whip round. It just goes to show that..."

"Sir" Brett interrupted, caution to the wind. 

"Ian, please..." said the Manager, mock-diffident.

"Ian... Sir..." Pause. "I was wondering..." Another pause. The Manager's face started to freeze. Here it comes. "I was wondering" said Brett, "if there were any openings at the firm..." A look away and a sharp intake of breath from the Manager. "That I might..."

"I'm sorry" said the Manager to the table, "but we're fully booked at the moment." He looked up at Brett. "But we would very much like to keep in touch. Rest assured you will be contacted in the event of any vacancies arising..."

"And references...?" Brett asked. 

"Of course" said the Manager, "though I hope we will be the ones to eventually employ you. I really you." He stood to shake Brett's hand from across the desk. "Well done and... good luck."

"Thank you" said Brett, still smiling through the sinking feeling. 

"Take the afternoon off" said the Manager, letting go. "Enjoy yourself."

"I will..." said Brett. "Thank you..." To the office door. "Bye."


Through the door.

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